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It's hard to believe that my four years at university are drawing to a close and I am apprehensive yet excited about what the future holds. One thing I am excited about is the launch of this new blog! Over the years I have created multiple temporary Tumblr blogs which were focused on displaying development work for particular uni projects. Unlike many artists, sketchbooking is not something that comes naturally to me. I find that my artistic process consists of more text-based research work, photographic documentation and web-links than of sketches, which means that online blogs are a perfect place for me to display my process. I also love to write, I can't say that I am a particularly inspiring writer but I find it to be an incredibly cathartic process. Whether I am writing about my professional work or my personal life, writing helps me to articulate things that I may be struggling to process by simply thinking about them. If you are here then hopefully my work has sparked your interest and this blog will provide you with a glimpse into my little world. Thank you for taking time out of your day to check it out!

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